Brand Identity

The KTP brand is more than just a logo. It is a visual system and language made up of many parts that work together to convey the core of what Triangle is and what we stand for.
The number 3 is the second most popular number in the world.
Different meanings such as elements of creation, water, earth and fire,and in Christianity it means father, son, Holy Spirit, as well as in Persian mythology good thought, good speech and good deed. This is the headline of KTP.
Inspired by these words, we start working with our business partners.
A triangle is made by combining three diagonal lines and is one of the most moving and dynamic geometric shapes. Another feature of choosing the geometric shape of the triangle is the symbol of logic,rationality and knowledge, and in terms of comparison with color, it is synonymous with the power and effect of yellow, and it also has all the properties of this color.

We are continually in search of the brightest and most talented individuals and partners Corporate.