The petrochemical industry is an industry branch that produces organic intermediate products such as refinery products, natural gas, plastic, rubber, fiber raw materials. This industry plays major role in the international economy and gross domestic production growth. However, any rising in energy demand, petrochemical production has also increased Therefore, it is very important to keep efficiency of this complex high and effective.
KTP as a well-known Engineering and Procurement company is continuously developing Procurement that help the industry increase performance, run reliably, and reduce any impact on the environment.

Kamyar Tajhiz Pooya Co. can supply a wide range of equipment inn oil, gas and petrochemical industry Such following Cases:

  • Mechanical and hydro mechanical equipment
  • Piping equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Chemical, additives and lubricants
  • Injection equipment, measuring and process monitoring
  • Water and wastewater Treatment System

KTP offers a full range of Equipment and Product for the Mining and Metal industry. With our in-depth understanding of your application needs we provide a reliable solutions that keep your operations running reliably day by day.

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