Chemical & Media Providing

The Chemical Department in KTP is one of the knowledge-based chemical producers that produce & localize chemical additives for industrial water in Iran.
This Company is a producer of corrosion and scale inhibitors for industrial water such as cooling tower systems, boilers, reverse osmosis (RO) and closed circuits.  

Classification of mentioned products describes as below

Cooling Tower (Open Cooling System) / KChem-C

Chiller (Absorption, ….)/ KChem-i

Cooling Tower (Close & Semi close Cooling System)/ KChem-S

Heat Exchanger & Condenser, Surface Condenser, Evaporative Condenser/ KChem-H

RO (reverse osmosis) / KChem-R

Desalination system ( MED, MSF, …)/ KChem-D

Boiler (Steam Boiler, Hot water Boiler, Domestic Hot Water)/ KChem-B

General (Anti Foam, Coagulant & Flocculent, SMBS,…. )/ KChem-O

KTP products for mentioned systems are phosphate based corrosion inhibitor (boiler, cooling tower), nitrate and molybdate based (closed circuit), dispersant, biocide, algaecide and bactericide, deaerator and amine (boiler) and antiscalant & Membrane Cleaner (RO).
KTP Company has been able to save water while minimizing scales in critical parts of systems such as exchangers, condensers and jacket reactors. The main KTP customers are steel industries, petrochemicals, copper industries, power plants and plastic industries.

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