1- Field of activity

  • Engineering, supplying and providing equipment in following industries as below:
  • Mining and Steel
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  • Power and Energy
  • Other Industries


2- Description

  • Purchase Engineering and supplying mechanical and hydro mechanical equipment including all type of compressor, pump, turbine, gearbox, coupling, bearing, seals, all accessories.
  • Purchase Engineering and supplying all types of pipe and fittings, valves, storage tanks, pressure vessels…
  • Purchase Engineering and supplying instrumentation including all types of gauges, transmitters, switches, sensors, safety valves, pneumatic valves,…
  • Purchase Engineering, supplying and producing lab equipment, solutions and lab materials, …
  • Purchase Engineering, supplying and producing all kind of water chemical material, additives and lubricants as well as equipment related to injection, measuring and process monitoring
  • Design and producing, supplying, consulting, installation, implementation, launching and managing all utility such as water, wastewater, power and steam
  • Purchase engineering and supplying production line for all factories
  • Purchase engineering and supplying all heavy machinery


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