Water is a precious commodity. Water is our life!
To protect our natural waters and to support drinking water production, all wastewater is first cleansed of containments and pollutants before it is returned to the water cycle. To treat the water and to achieve the best possible, natural water quality, different processes are used. Today more than ever the water & wastewater industry must balance the opposing pressures of improving water quality and decreasing costs.

KTP offers a full range of equipment and product for the treatment industry. With our in-depth understanding of your application needs we provide a dependable solutions that keep your operations running reliably day by day.

  • Desalination system (Membrane technology such as RO, …)
  • Filtration System (UF, Cartridge, …)
  • Disinfection Unit (AOP, UV,…)
  • Waste Water Treatment System (Municipal, Industrial, …)
  • Electrodeionization System (EDR, EDI, …)
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Dewatering System
  • Ion Exchange Solution (Softener, Mixed Bed, …)
  • Mechanical and hydro mechanical equipment
  • Piping equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Adsorbent Media (Activated Carbon, …)
  • Chemical, additives, Oil and lubricants
  • Injection equipment, measuring and process monitoring

Kamyar Tajhiz Pooya as an Engineering and Procurement company advices and assists public and industrial clients on a global scale with all disciplines related to water treatment; from various treatment processes ensuring high-quality drinking water to all aspects of wastewater treatment and reuse.

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