By aiming on submitting Engineering services and procurement according to country industrial needs of professional equipment with updated world standards, KTP Co. (Kamyar Tajhiz Pooya) has ability to deliver its engineering services and supplying material which required for industries including Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Steel, Power and Energy by focusing on its experts as well as cooperation with international companies as representation from valid European brands, additionally, by its active agency in countries such as France, Czech Republic, China.

The main goal is to meet client’s requirements in different industries by supplying qualified equipment with best price and shortest delivery time. Also, in order to achieve better position for earning more and effective shares in industries according to world update standards, it will continue quality upgrade process.

2- Field of activity

Engineering, supplying and providing equipment in following industries as below:
  • Mining and Steel
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  • Power and Energy
  • Other Industries

✔ Purchase Engineering and supplying mechanical and hydro mechanical equipment including all type of compressor, pump, turbine, gearbox, coupling, bearing, seals, all accessories.

✔ Purchase Engineering and supplying all types of pipe and fittings, valves, storage tanks, pressure vessels…

✔ Purchase Engineering and supplying instrumentation including all types of gauges, transmitters, switches, sensors, safety valves, pneumatic valves,…

✔ Purchase Engineering, supplying and producing lab equipment, solutions and lab materials, …

✔ Purchase Engineering, supplying and producing all kind of water chemical material, additives and lubricants as well as equipment related to injection, measuring and process monitoring

✔ Design and producing, supplying, consulting, installation, implementation, launching and managing all utility such as water, wastewater, power and steam

✔ Purchase engineering and supplying production line for all factories

✔ Purchase engineering and supplying all heavy machinery

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