Procurement engineering

Procurement Engineering or Purchase Engineering totally is the one of the main part of Supply Chain Management and experts who active in this department have enough knowledge as well as strong background in Procurement in order to have good understanding of project requirements and process.
In fact, the most important things in Procurement or Purchase process is engineering knowledge and complete understanding of Client/ Customer needs.
KTP Team do the procurement or purchasing goods and technical services for industrial projects. Having detailed knowledge about industrial equipment and material, our colleagues have ability to both supply the exact product that need to project and to assign target companies for supplying required items by using a process called Sourcing that includes two parts of Local and Foreign Sourcing. Therefore, by evaluating new or existing suppliers the target will be assigned to proceed and follow procurement activities in both technical negotiations as the first step and commercial negotiations as the next step of supplying.
In this way, price has also an important consideration since value engineering is a very successful long term strategy for both supplier and owner.
So, we assure that all types of supplied equipment totally meet  the approved Specification, technical requirement and related standards and have conformity with type Industrial purpose.